Conducting research in another Member State as part of an education programme

Last updated 30 November 2020


How to have a traineeship completed during a university course in an EU Member State or in a third country recognised in Italy
For your period of research abroad to be recognised in Italy, it will have to be carried out during a tertiary education course (PhD or Research PhD) which provides for an agreement between Italian universities and institutions, or universities or bodies accredited or recognised abroad. The duration of the traineeship must be at least three months and not more than six months and you must be physically present.
Who to contact You will need to contact an Italian university with an accredited PhD degree (see link on the institutional website)
If you have carried out research activities abroad, a list of requirements for recognition by an Italian university is given below:

  • Research project : the research project must have been awarded to the doctoral candidate selected by the academic board of the PhD and the university or department concerned.
  • Tasks of the Supervisor : the supervisor/mentor is in charge of educational and organisational aspects of the training and vocational activities. He or she must possess the requirements laid down by regulations in force in the country where the traineeship is to be carried out The supervisor/mentor must certify the final outcome of the traineeship, which can be validated by the local academic board for the PhD.
  • International PhD : PhD candidates may carry out periods of research abroad, authorised by the university, to complete and supplement research carried out in Italy, provided that they are carried out with foreign institutions recognised or accredited in the foreign country, usually by agreement with the Italian university in which the PhD is based, or prepare a thesis that is jointly supervised by two or more countries with the aim of gaining a double or multiple degree that is valid in the countries where the signatory universities are based.

Information on the mobility of researchers is available online at:

Relevant legislation

Law No 210/1998 ( Rules for the recruitment of tenured researchers and university professors) and Article 19 of Law No 240/2010 (Provisions on research PhD studies)

Ministerial Decree No 45 of 8 February 2013 concerning procedures for the accreditation of PhD establishments and courses and criteria for the establishment of PhD courses by accredited bodies.



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