University of Venice (IUAV)

The University has launched a series of welcoming initiatives to encourage the inclusion of Ukrainians in its study and research community in visual arts, architecture, design, fashion, planning and theatre.

Are available:

- 5 places for students in one of Iuav bachelor's/master's degrees in Italian or the two master’s degrees in Architecture and Urban Planning for Transition in English;
- 5 places for PhD/postdoc students at Iuav Doctoral School;
- 2 places for visiting professors/visiting researchers in the teaching and research facilities of the Department of Excellence in Architecture and Arts.

Students and researchers are admitted without any fees or charges and are eligible for a € 3.000 scholarship; PhD/postdoc students, visiting professors and visiting researchers are entitled to a lump-sum reimbursement of € 3.000.

As far as accommodation is concerned, IUAV is collaborating with Caritas Veneto, which provides 7 places, and can cover additional lodgings for three months with € 8.000 made available by Fondazione Iuav.

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