University of Pisa

The University is offering specific financial and academic actions supporting Ukrainian students forced to flee from their country and wishing to continue their studies at the University of Pisa:

- Free accommodation at DSU-University residences (in accordance with the number of available places and with priority given to refugee students) and free meals  until 31 December 2022. If you want to apply please visit DSU websiteand send an email to [email protected];

- Free Italian language classes at UNIPI Language Center;

- Free enrolment in single courses at UNIPI for the current semester;

Students enrolled in a Ukrainian university may enrol in single courses during the current semester. Admission is free and temporary. Results accomplished during the single courses may be taken into account in case of a successful application for admission to a degree programme. However, this is an exceptional procedure that in the case of a degree course with limited access will currently not guarantee direct access or enrolment in the degree course.

Please note that most of the courses are held in Italian.

For academic support send an email to [email protected] providing the following documents/information (in English):

 - Certification of enrolment at the Ukrainian university which indicates the degree course and the year of enrolment;

 - List of exams taken so far;

 - The program of the exams taken (if available);

 - Your Status recognized by Italian Authorities;

 - Citizenship: passport / ID;

 - Current address;

 - Level of Italian language knowledge.

Below the requirements for the activation of 37 flat-rate study grants (€ 1500 each):

 - Enrolment at an Ukrainian university;

 - Enrolment at the University of Pisa in single courses or degree programmes;

 - Non-Italian residence.

If you want to apply, write to [email protected] indicating the requirements possessed and attaching a copy of your ID.

Students who started their studies in Ukraine and want to complete their programme and graduate at the University of Pisa in the academic year 2022/23, must apply for admission to the degree programme of your choice in due time.

Detailed info about application and admission to bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes will be available at Matricolandosi web page. Contacts: [email protected].

 Info about application and admission to PhD programmes will be available at PhD programmes. Contacts: [email protected]



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