Ukraine Emergency

Emergenza Ukraina Help Desk The initial support measures in favor of students, PhD students, researchers, professors, of Ukrainian and any other nationality, who, because of ongoing political and military crises, have been granted with international protection, even temporary, are part of Decree Law 16 / 2022, currently being converted. The Government amended the cited Decree, initially foreseeing a fund of 500 thousand euro, increasing it to 1 million euro, the relative methods of use will be defined by a Decree of the Minister of University and Research.

Besides dedicating financial support, the MUR is available at the following e-mail address: [email protected].

As such, all organizations belonging to the higher education and research system (Universities, Research bodies, Academies, AFAM -Art, Music and Dance- Institutions and Scientific institutes, such as the national  Academy of Sciences or the national Academy of the Lincei) can contact this e-mail address, notifying solidarity initiatives for professors, researchers, students and PhD students affected by the ongoing international crisis, willing to welcome those who would like to continue their studies, research and academic activities in our country.

The solidarity initiatives, will thus be highlighted and may, among others, include:

- Visiting Professor and Research Fellowship positions;

- scholarships;

- other forms of hospitality offered individually by academic institutions, with the involvement of local authorities and third sector parties.

The above-mentioned organizations, if needed, may contact the MUR assistance to solve specific problems related, above all, to the inclusion of scholars in the Italian system of higher education and research.



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