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Call for applications for the allocation of special cash and service measures for young Ukrainians, 2021/2022

First deadline: April 5th 2022

Second deadline: April 29th 2022


Scholarships for students fleeing the war or already enrolled at the Universities of Emilia-Romagna. The University of Parma provides 10 scholarships with full tuition fee waiver.

The Regional Agency for the Right to Higher Education, ER.GO, assures extraordinary services and opportunities for support and hospitality.

The call foresees the following initiatives:

1 -Ukrainian students already enrolled in one of the Universities based in the Emilia Romagna Region (only for students enrolled at UNIBO, UNIFE, UNIMORE and UNIPR), whose family unit does not reside in Italy and with no incomes or assets in Italy, nor personally or belonging to their family unit, may benefit from:

 - Special contribution to cover rental expenses, after providing a duly registered rental contract. This contribution may have a maximum amount of € 2,000.00, commensurate with the rent due in the period February-September 2022

 - Pre-paid catering service amount of € 500.00 to be spent by September 30th 2022 at ER.GO’s and/or other related facilities

2 -Refugee students from Ukraine (including those already present on the regional territory as part of a mobility program at a university in Emilia-Romagna, who are unable to return home and who have a regular permit for staying in the region) may apply for one of the 58 scholarships (€ 3.000 each) offered by the Universities of Emilia-Romagna: 25 in Bologna, 5 in Ferrara, 10 in Modena-Reggio Emilia, 10 in Parma, 5 at the Piacenza campus of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore and 3 at the Piacenza campus of the Politecnico di Milano. The scholarship, in support of enrolment in a university course (including single courses, Foundation year preparatory course etc...), is associated with a full tuition fee waiver and free accommodation in ER.GO residences until 30 September 2022 (subject to availability).

There are two deadlines for submitting applications: one on April 5 and one later, on April 29, depending on the actual availability of resources.

3 -The University of Parma asked its professors to co-finance research grants to offer to researchers fleeing Ukraine. The total amount of scholarships available is 11.

Call for applications for the allocation of special cash and service measuresInformation

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